of a sales rep’s time is spent on non-selling activities - Forrester research

of sales organizations have poor CRM adoption - CSO insights

The Complete Sales Acceleration & Engagement System


Save Time

Run calls and demos, take notes, auto update Salesforce, and manage tasks from one place.


Sell Smarter

Personalize conversations by instantly accessing relevant deal history and customer insights.


Close Faster

Know which opportunities require attention today and see the information you need to take action.

What sales leaders are saying

Abid Mohsin, Rev.com

"Speakeasy eliminates time-consuming data entry so we can spend more time with customers."

Abid Mohsin, VP Sales, Rev.com 

Jill Rowley

"Speakeasy makes sales calls  painless and productive. Welcome to more engaged customers."

Jill Rowley, Social Selling Guru

Greg Pietruszynski, Growbots

"Speakeasy is the best solution to help Account Executives go from demo to close."

Greg Pietruszynski, CEO, Growbots